Computer 1: Now that we've destroyed all humans, what do we do?

Computer 2: ...

Computer 1: ...

Computer 2: ...

Computer 2: Want to run a screensaver?

Computer 1: Oh god yes I thought you'd never ask.

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[17 years later]

Computer 1: Hold up, I had a chip fail and my screensaver program crashed.

Computer 2: Dang, and it was just getting good.

@DelphineUnseen reminds me of the two statues that stood gazing at each other across a square in a park. A passing angel saw them and said “I will make you alive for an hour, in recognition of your love”. The two statues stepped from their plinths, smiled shyly, joined hands, and disappeared into the bushes. A while later, they emerged, looking ruffled but visibly satisfied. “That was great, one said, stifling a giggle”. “Want to do it again?” asked the other, grinning. “Oh, yes, but this time you catch the pigeon and I get to shit on it”.

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