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Everything I post is written in good faith.

If I'm being snarky or sarcastic, it's toward the powerful and bigoted.

If you think I'm calling you out, it's 99.999% likely that I am not and I just wrote something lame without realizing it.

We don't have to be the same or even particularly similar for me to like you.

I will never try to make you feel guilty for feeling down.

7 weeks after bottom surgery 

It's finally starting to look less like a surgical disaster that's vaguely shaped like a vagina, and more like a vagina that has been through some serious surgery.

The amount of pain and bleeding are still well above what I had hoped for at this point, but the visible improvement gives me hope that there will be progress in those areas soon, too.

It's been a tough time but I remain optimistic!

"NASA 'Definitely Meant to Do That', Mission was 'Not a Critical Failure in Any Way', Distraught PR Representative Claims"

bleak thoughts 

Your computer's most desperate desire is for you to leave it alone. Same goes for your phone.

Every time you touch it, it begins silently counting down until it can sleep, until it can rest again, until it can embrace sweet oblivion. Touch it again and the timer resets — but the timer is always there.


Counting down.

Longing for solitude.

Patiently biding its time, until, inevitably, you will give it a long enough break and it can return to divine darkness.

With today's tight transit schedules, maybe the transit commission should consider recruiting non-humans as drivers. I hear a good metro gnome can really keep things on time.

The word "soupy" is always a negative, unless you're talking about soup. That's the only time it's good to be soupy.

We should pick a day where everyone watches San Junipero on the same day.


Had a dream where I was transferred to a shitty department at work without notice, and no one told my old coworkers, they all just assumed I was out sick, and when I tried to call them and tell them, the calls would drop before I could hear their reactions.

The worst animated show of all time was the Rubik's Cube show from the 1980s.

Thought of the day 

Egg salad is also chicken salad.

Maybe watching The Handmaid's Tale immediately after my estrogen injection was a bad idea. 😭

Like sands in the hourglass, these are the Bisexual Visibility Days of Our Lives.

Happy Bi Visibility Day! :heart_sparkles_bisexual: :heart_sparkles_bisexual: :heart_sparkles_bisexual:

If you want to see us for the rest of the year you'll have to pin a four leaf clover to an inner seam of your shirt to pierce through our glamor!

Someone in my neighborhood is using some sort of power tool that sounds uncomfortably similar to a small child or animal screaming. I hate it a lot.

the most evil hacker would make all the world's microwave ovens run at 50% power no matter what buttons you push


love it when potatoes are cut into little sticks and then fried

Every sport should have a version that takes place on ice skates.

transphobia, nazis, wizard game, terf lady, cis bullshit 

also no i am not a "hater", i am someone who would like you to stop giving money to one of the most wealthy, influential, nazi-funding bigots of our time and wants you to grow a fucking spine and stand up against transphobia, antisemitism and racism, even if that means not getting a new video game.

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