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Everything I post is written in good faith.

If I'm being snarky or sarcastic, it's toward the powerful and bigoted.

If you think I'm calling you out, it's 99.999% likely that I am not and I just wrote something lame without realizing it.

We don't have to be the same or even particularly similar for me to like you.

I will never try to make you feel guilty for feeling down.

plastic-eating microbes can't become the rulers of the free world soon enough

And then in the moment I realize how awful it sounds, and I have to actually say out loud that I'm not OK, and it staggers me. Because there's the simmering, baseline not OK and then there's today on top of that.

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I'm so used to knee-jerk telling people that I'm OK when I'm not OK, that I forget that on a day like today, it sounds terribly, gruesomely wrong to say that you're fine. Because of course I'm not fine. But I haven't been fine for months and I'm just programmed to lie about it when people ask.

I don't have a take on today's news, other than it's horrible and I'm not OK right now.

Of course sometimes unlikely things happen, or I miss an obvious possibility because I had a blind spot.

Even then, I can fall back on the knowledge that I tried my best to make things turn out right. That gives me some solace.

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I'm not imaging things going wrong out of a sense of doom or despair.

I imagine those things so that I can have a plan of attack if they actually do occur.

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People often think I'm a cynic or a pessimist because I'm quick to envision negative outcomes.

The truth is, I'm a hopeless optimist — I believe that if I can see all the likely outcomes, I can find a way to make things turn out OK no matter how it goes.

When I'm dressed for summer and I enter a building I shouldn't be cold! :blobangery:

Oh great, there's going to be weather tomorrow. Looks like we'll have to deal with temperature, wind speed, perhaps clouds or lack of clouds. Sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Totally bonkers stuff.

What was everyone's first computer?

My first exposure to a PC was through my Papaw, who worked for AT&T in Florida. He brought home a TRS-80 Model 1 microcomputer, and wrote a little BASIC program that flashed, "Hello {dead name}!" in random places.

My supervillain plot involves a ray gun that makes everyone weird.

Later I'm going to watch the new superhero movie, Doctor Normal and the Infinite Sadness.

I like Star Trek because of the Romulans, the Quarkulans and the Nogulans.

I've reached that sweet spot where it feels gay whenever I'm attracted to anyone at all. :bisexual_flag:

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