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I love that @pico brought M&Ms and is now trying to get me to eat them, so they don't have to. I'm always willing to take one for the team! XP

What's even more "never in a million years" than "hard pass"?

All night it's been group chats popping up to the top of my Tg groups list, I look and it's people ripping chunks off each other.
What the hell is going on today, is it a full moon or something?

How will landlords ever learn to be productive members of society if they're hooked on free money from hardworking Americans? Eventually the free ride will end. We have to break this cycle of dependency.

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"No, everything is impossible"... that's not very motivational...


Possibly the worst fucking designed thing I've ever seen.

Someone was paid to make this holy shit.


Oh hey, a

credits: snep: @/tonks, soldering: Struble/USAF, lathe: machiningmoments(youtube), candy: ferrara

Absolutely point stuff like this out politely to the people who are doing it -- they may not even realise it. Help your friends be better.
But don't apologise on their behalf, that's their job.

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Urrrgh can this angry mood please go away, yeah, that'd be awesome...
One little thing and now I want to put a knife through a fold-up table.

"He's an asshole but he's so great at this"
"I mean he makes racist and homophobic jokes sometimes, but he's great at rigging lights... That's just him"
"Oh, like, just let him win every argument and he's fine."

Stop making apologies for toxic people, please, furries.

That is.... really, really relatable.... ;-;


Someone having a lot of followers doesn't necessarily mean that person isn't lonely or is busy at all times.


If you send someone an email which is 4,000 words with 30 odd paragraphs -- and then send a follow up every couple of days asking for a reply...

You're absolutely and completely taking the piss.

Actually, that's a point. If you like someone's work, leave a nice comment. :)

Hi I'm snep and that was my tedtalk.

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