Random furry: "hey everyone post your room number!"

Me: "square root of minus one"

Just saw someone pile a plate with sausages, layer bacon on top and top it off with two fried eggs and a single hash brown.
That was some impressive management of meat.

"No. You're cutting down on coffee this year. Two cups? No. You can have a latte without the milk. NEXT!"

This is @titanpandaroo@twitter.com by the way :)

I'm surrounded by people in suits and wondering if I've walked into the wrong convention.
"Meat management awards 2019"...

Damn @brokthebadger@twitter.com is bad at opsec... Top secret right on the briefcase full of top secret papers. Tut tut tut.

Two out of three lifts down in block A and more down elsewhere. Thankfully there are stairs... One things for sure, I'm going to be getting a lot of exercise...

Google, I've only just arrived. I'm not going to review the hotel until I've had my first fuzzy hug!

On a happier note this is the fastest moving registration queue in the history of ConFuzzled and every time I shitpost I look up and see the line has moved six feet.
So if I keep shitposting.......

ConFuzzled should do a reg queue social. You join the line, work through it slowly and when you finish you go to the end again.
No - hear me out, I've run into so many friends in the reg queue, it's a great idea!
Next year, @cfconvention@twitter.com

Pandaroo sighted. The Pandaroo is a spy. Not a spy! Not a spy, the Pandaroo is NOT a spy... 👀

Overheard in the reg queue:
"Registration is the only thing I queue for. Next year they need to put it on the TV."

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