Remember the compliments you receive.
Forget the insults.
If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Does anyone know who runs the sticker pack link collection website at
I have a few links to submit... and the Spotted Hyena pack link is the old 70-odd sticker one (the new one has 100+) :)

One for the con and meet staff and volunteers...

Would you (or have you) put your convention/furmeet staffing experience on your CV or résumé?

Poll, reply or both... and please RT, I'd like to get a decent sample.

Isn't it sweet when cute fuzzies think they're fierce?
(ahhh I wanna give them a hug!)


What? You wanna fight?

I’ll scare into submission with my *GRRRR* 😬



Someone posted a Bluey sticker pack in a tg chat so I went and googled it and watched a few episodes.
Nice to find a kids' show that's not just tolerable, but actually cute, funny and.. well.. good! I can see why it's so popular in Australia.

Huh. Looks like will be my 20th furry con.

That sounds like an excuse to throw a party. :D

I guess that's why I'm quiet on here. I want to post stuff that's... well... positive, adds to the conversation.

started typing a rant, about to toot. wrote in the content warning.
stared for a second.

"is this good content?" I asked myself.

*deleted toot*

If you stole cooked food from your flatmate, would that be a hot take?

"All of the above".


You can only pick one. Choose carefully.


Actually, let me rephrase that.

Monster fursuits are cool. All of them.

You can creep up and scare me any time. Just... don't go overboard with the jumpscares... 😅

"Skullsuit" fursuits are cool.

Change my mind.

All packed and ready to go to the meet today ^.^ Who am I going to see?

"Stop telling me about things like physics and Ohms Law. You need to implement it exactly like Marketing specified it, you're supposed to be a Rockstar Engineer."

"Can we program the radios to do <thing>?"

Good question, Mark... there's only one way to find out!

Seriously considering breaking with convention and getting my fursuit kit packed tonight... and the coolpacks in the fridge...

Just putting my feet up on the whale! You know, as you do on =3
(pic: Pico)

Tonight's entertainment - Ops process review with a side order of GDPR... 😿😿😿

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