I just want to love myself. Is that too much to ask?

I want to see Sweet Home Alabama (or the many Christmas versions) but and . Does this film exist?

Body and success envy. 

I am exhausted. I'm making progress on my envy issues but talking to super-successful academics and touring a campus full of half-naked twentysomethings is a lot. I did better than I would have a few months ago but I still need some rest.


A new collaborator misgendered me today during a meeting. I wasn’t hurt or offended because I hadn’t offered my pronouns when we met and it was an honest mistake in the situation. I casually corrected and they were like “yeah, of course, sorry” then repeated the sentence with my correct pronouns. I may have needed that today more than being gendered correctly.

through the ditches
through the witches
in the back of my dragula

I have a cat and a girlfriend. I am a girlfriend. It’s old news but still cool.


I would rather see GOP ads than RuPaul Drag Race Video Game ads. Please stop. It hurts.

abortion legislation, #USPol 

If including trans men/mascs, intersex, & nonbinary folks by saying “people who need abortions deserve access to them” is enough to “harm the movement” then your movement isn’t worth shit.

Holding your hand behind you back so they can’t see how many fingers you are holding up and obnoxiously yelling “I know something you don’t know.”

Suggestive Language/Joke 

One pussy down, at least one more to go. 😺

The real trans agenda in regards to kids.

1: Respect your kid's identity
2: Keep them alive



Finished a call with my bank and the person on the phone called me "sir" so many times. I didn't bother to correct them because there wasn't a chance and I didn't want to explain. It just hurts because I wasn't completely defaulting to my old voice. I guess I didn't try too hard but still not a win. Hope you are having a good day.

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