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Lil introduction,
My name is Mars and Im a trans man that uses He/Him mainly and also Fae/Faer/Faers. Im ancom. This account is going to mainly have nsfw content. Flirting is perfectly fine, dms are open too. My main account is @Dingy_Rat

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If anyone ever wants to drop me a little treat in the form of a few dollars, you can venmo me with the link in my bio
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Lewd photos 

Ik i already posted these on my other account but i like how they look so im posting them here too


Friendly reminder that you shouldn't use psychopath as an insult or to describe people you dont like xoxo

Lewd photo, bottomless 

The lighting in my room is so good in the morning :heart_trans:

Lewd, petplay, boosts + (ec) 

I took these just for my owner originally but i like them a lot so i asked them permission to share it

:Cat1: im happy i get to share these

Guess i shouldve put boost+ in the cw but i didnt think about it whoops! Anyone can boost it tho

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Lewd photos 

I took these last night for a lovely friend and looking at these in the morning, i really want to post them so yeah

I am a catboy with a big appreciation for rats. They are so little and cute. Just small sweeties

Horny, @ reader 

I may act all confident online but from the moment you start flirting with me in person, i will be a blushing shy mess (but ill still be a good kitty for you)


If you dm me we could work out some photos in exchange for it but dont feel like you gotta. Im still going to post my stuff on here, i just thought id put it out there in case somebody has a bit of cash to share.

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If anyone ever wants to drop me a little treat in the form of a few dollars, you can venmo me with the link in my bio
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Its transphobic that my face isnt covered in cum rn

Horny, not serious 

I hate the town and state i live in so if anybody wants to scoop me up and take me somewhere the weathers options arent mud sludge or grey unliving landscape, i can just be a nice little pet or something. You can fuck me while i clean your house i dunno name your terms. I will try a lot

Im not completely serious (unless :thinknyan: )

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Outfit doesnt cover much, selfie (ec) 

Got a bodysuit yesterday and i really like it. It shows off lots, including how masc my body is and im very happy about that

Lewd kinda, just in underwear 

I dont think ive posted these yet but i forget how many days ago i took them. Theyre bland but i like how i look in them

Playing with filters on snapchat is kinda fun ngl. Sometimes selfies are neat

Lewd photos, boosts + 

Part two of pink/purple lighting because why not i like the color. Night time is the best time

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Im in the mood to be a little bit of a tease. Not much but just enough to get someone all blushy and flustered and maybe make them a little too distracted to finish what theyre doing

Lewd, joke 

How about instead of me sitting here over thinking about my life falling apart, someone can just do me a favor and fuck my face until i cant think about anything else

Tbh pairing the choker with a really masc outfit is a good vibe for me

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