I had my appointment with my new primary doc last night & their students. There were three people in the room actually listening to me & caring about what's going on, validating me & wanting to help in a curated supportive way for my body. They spent time with me (like a lot of time) & they consulted together. I think I might actually get the help I want & need 😭😭😭 it's been such a long journey

Photo dump pt 3 - the 'change the fucking systems' & 'stop putting me in a box' stickers are my designs πŸ’«

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Photo dump pt 2 - art by Raquel Garcia, Eileen Jimenez, and one other unknown artist. Donated to the Community Acupuncture Project in Burien, WA

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It's okay to be a sometimes writer

an only-when-it-rains writer

a ten-words-here-and-there writer

a burnt-out-and-recovering writer

and it's okay to be an unstoppable-every-day writer.

We all have our own pace. Doesn't make us any less writers.


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got my sample prints in today, so there's a few of these listed on my etsy rn. they're 5x7 and printed on glossy photo paper. free shipping. #LeftistArt #collage #art #etsy :boost_ok:


I'm not a fan of wondering whether or not people are being sneaky.. finding out information on your own isn't such a fun time πŸ™ why can't we 🀌🏻communicate🀌🏻

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