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So i have a jailbroken kindle fire i use for just 'light duty web browsing; tasks. someone asked why i keep using it because the amazon home screen keeps trying to reassert itself at random and to even get as far as sideloading a different one i had to remake the apps so everything doesn't set off any built-in amazon "no fun allowed" software, i didn't have to register it with my amazon account so the name is the system default. And the reason is that's how my gender works too.

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People need to look at my header and ask themselves if they understand the complex message it communicates...

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"If you had to be your real self, your work-self, all the time, then life in the metaverse would mean the complete annihilation of the private sphere."

supposed to do stuff today, but on the other hand it's still hot and i dont wanna

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mental health - 

forgot how many antidepressants i had last week, told the guy who picks them up for me i had enough spare, now hes on holiday and i gotta cut my dose for another week.

Do not do this folks, it SUCKS.

of we finally had rain, i missed not melting to death in the heat

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the reason is looks like minors are invading adults' spaces is because spaces for young teens and little kids are actively being taken away for the sake of advertisement and money making. they have nowhere else to be anymore.

"look shes got muscles and an attitude, not everyone can handle that"

*thinks back to the time we watched a bioshock lets play in bed together and she would wail at me to stop every time it came to the choice of where to save a little sister and i would say "now... HARVEST" in a scary voice*

"you're right, you gotta be really into a faced paced place to stay with her"

i like meeting my ex's new partners, i learn so much...

Ok we had apologia for state violence, 'coercive power' of the state as being necessary, this is some boromir-ass "why not use this ring" bullshit

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"we need a queer theory of the state because sometimes we need state power"

Actually trying to not get mad at someone about this, OF COURSE we need the state for things, this is a society constructed (which then constructs us) *by* the state, that doesn't mean you have to 'define the queer state' it means you define what would be needed of people without the state, and what of that is unreasonable to ask of people & make THAT the state.

feels like they just want rainbow patches for cops...

"collective action is impossible without the power of state-sanctioned violence"

*choking noises*

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a hedgehog was in front of our tent

(don't worry, I didn't use flash; this is 10 second long term exposure)

i'm trying to be funny about this but im hot and i just wanna give nicky flowers money for music you fuckers, why do you keep doing this!

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i buy a buch of bullshit with no problems as long as its from amazon, try and make a gofundme donation? buy some music off bandcamp? no your card is frozen now motherfucker!

Automated system looking pretty transphobic there chief, dunno what to tell you, no cis people setting off alarm bells when people try and give them money huh?


"I just don't like all the stuff they are putting in the water"
so here is a fun fact about the England! it sucks here! if your house was built before the 1970's it's likely it still has 'last mile pipes' running to it from the water main that are made of lead, because expecting the private companies that own the system to pay for replacements would make them all bankrupt, so instead they add stuff to the water that keeps the lead in the pipes and out of the water, it's a good thing.

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@checkervest do you know what? The ancient Greeks thought that the womb was a separate little guy that lived inside a woman, and it would wander around inside her if it wasn't kept placated. This belief in "wandering womb" persisted as late as the 19th century, when it was cited as a reason women shouldn't travel on trains or ride bicycles, because it would get the uterus all riled up. They definitely weren't worried about women traveling autonomously, that definitely wasn't it

*discover myself idly shopping for silk fans for no reason*

ohhhh, i think I'm too hot!

*suddenly realises there is a warning because of the heat out and that I'm still wearing a hoodie*

Some days i wonder at how long it took me to come out to myself, and other times I'm thankful i even worked it out NOW

Someone who barely knows you discovering you are pan poly AND trans in one 30 minute conversation really fucking kill you honestly.
Especially when he's the guy you need to keep around to be allowed out...

He's going on holiday for 2 weeks now so fuck knows what kind of idea he's going to have in his head.

*binders full of women* excuse you, THOSE are trans men!

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