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With Conway, you felt as if his eyes were bridged by a winding path of infinite length to his brain. Here's Siobhan Roberts, his biographer, on "How to Stare at a Brick Wall," Conway's two-hour walking tour of brick walls in Princeton.

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Are you interested in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons but have no idea how to start?

Not to worry. Here’s my foolproof crash course to go from beginner to expert in no time. vox.com/culture/2020/4/3/21191

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galaxybrain.jpg β€” liquid chalk (climbing chalk in alcohol solution) is now cheaper than hand sanitizer, and the chalk will stop you from touching your face!

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we still have the hardship 20% off zines sale going on over at exaltedfuneral.com . The hardship is real & we know you have spent a ton of money. Retweet to win these books! And the big kicker? The sold out RPG from Suitors Club Records!!!

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Hey all, friendly reminder I'm looking for new opportunities still! I was laid off just before Thanksgiving, last working at a nonprofit on NSF grant-funded open source EdTech used in classrooms today. I'd love to keep working on projects that benefit+help folks ✨

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Me: so I got these Jira tickets

Him, a non-tech cutie: where/when they playing at? Are they any good?

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please, PLEASE, stop referring to women as females. it’s dehumanizing. women don’t like it. not to mention it’s weird to say men and females in the same sentence. just say women. a majority of the time, when someone says β€œfemales,” the follow up is deeply rooted in misogyny

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Retweet if you *also* don't have any CVE's but are still a valued member of the infosec community. πŸ–€

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OK FRIENDS ITS 2020 AND THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO RANDOMLY GENERATE OUR STYLES FOR THE NEXT YEAR! So grab 3d10 and lets see just how you’re gonna be cybering your punkings!

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β€”β€”β€”HACK THE PLANETβ€”β€”β€”-

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This seems neat, but I just had to alter the trigger phrase

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None of the kids wanted toys for Christmas this year, they just wanted cash. Understandable, but cash as a gift, while practical, always feels impersonal, so I made special packaging. Went over well

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It's almost Xmas!
I'm going to give the gift of Hyper Light Drifter, letting you experience it before you dive into the ttrpg!

Like, Follow and Rewteet today, and you're going to get a digital copy of the video game (Steam) and the HLD Art Book!

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Stubborn Roots
Anchored into a Cliffβ€š
Reaching Wide and
Winding Deep


Closing Doorsβ€š
Turning a Blind Eyeβ€š
keeping your head down
Weathering the Storm

a Crackling Fireβ€š
a Hot Mealβ€š
a Roof Overheadβ€š
a Comfortable Silence

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"Cryptography primitive" is not a well defined category

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Quote tweet this with your most controversial cryptography opinion.

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This thread is important. Your therapist is not there to be your friend. The emotional support network you maintain with your friends is not therapy. "Unpaid emotional labor" is not "listening to my friends & showing up for them when they are struggling" That's called friendship. twitter.com/HazelMonforton/sta

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