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ice cold take:

LSP is a good idea but why is it HTTP oh my god
Microsoft stop trying to make every editor VSCode challenge

embrace-extend-extinguish is still at work, but it's being coated by "❤️​ open source"

Welp, I updated my default xdg browser to qute. Now I can finally get forced to use it enough to actually try to get a hang of it.

I was wondering if there was any clean CSS libraries with a design as clean as

I tried to look into sourcehut's source code and there's a lot of scss (with bootstrap as submodule); taking it alone is pretty overwhelming..

(In other words, I'd love to see a sourcehut standalone css library)

So I just noticed that according to the box, my 3D printer is not sensitive to water, it's just afraid of wet

Worst is that I'm forced to use their shit suite for work-related stuff, otherwise I wouldn't even approach it.

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Yeah so uh if the turbocunts at Google could actually respect my "DONT FUCKING SHOVE ANIMATIONS IN MY FACE IT MAKES ME SICK DUMB CUNTS" settings, it would be pretty neat

Stolen from a mufo:
Yeah, being Trans is 'Hard Mode'.
I literally restarted on 'New Girl +'.

Tiens la police a tué un enfant en interpellant une mère qui ne portait pas son masque.
Pendant ce temps là, Macron a dîné avec 12 personnes sans masque.
Je suppose que l'IGPN lavera les meurtriers, comme à chaque fois.

"This public health crisis further exposes how both parties exist to uphold the economic and racial violence this country was founded on. Democrats and Republicans alike, are our enemies!



"7 cents for EBS class 2 storage"

AWS mailed me about it, "hey you have to pay it".

I still *cannot find anything* where some storage was left unused. Especially not 600MB of storage...

Fucking hell what a shitty system they have.

So Concepts is awesome but closed and not on linux.
Xournal++ is a very complex mess.

I tried forking Xournal++ and trying to remove / tweak the UI, as a starting point for making a "Concepts"-like but churned out of it pretty quickly.

So I took SDL2 with SDL_gfx and I'm now learning about splines, viewports, canvas, and basically 2d, to try to build a dead-simple, focused on note-taking editor.

Far from anything serious for now, I basically only have a one-pixel-wide black drawing pen with >

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