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i wonder just how many adolescents get traumatised by their parents not giving a shit about their privacy

part of why i'm such an anxious paranoid mess is because my mother liked to intrude my room to yell at me at the least convenient of times

i still get startled regularly just from hearing steps outside my room

doesn't help that here they're often bad news as well

Le clip est très cool aussi, je l'ai découvert pendant ma période de questionnement y'a 4 ans déjà, et savoir que Bunny est trans, ça mets vraiment en perspective une chanson qui te dit d'aimer / d'accepter tes "malfunctions" :3

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d/s, thoughts 

Started spending more and more time staying close.
Not sitting, like before, but instead just resting on the floor, on my bed/pillows, at his feet.

He usually ends up gaming a bit more, and I like to think about me staying here as a way to motivate him to not pull all-nighters every day.

Yesterday, though, I ended up sleeping for the whole night there as he was playing.

I didn't feel that well-rested in a long time.


d/s, thoughts, sui, ++ 

And I love every second of it

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d/s, thoughts, sui, ++ 

He's my Sir. My Guide.

Sometimes, though, I kinda feel about him as a God in the literal sense.

Never had any life goal, or fit anywhere, and the combined mind mess was making life barely manageable.

But he gave me a life I could live, a life I feel proud of. The biggest reason why I'm still alive today is probably him. And I started healing, thanks to him.

So yeah. I wouldn't labellize him as one every day, but sometimes when I rest close to him, I feel this way.

the voice actor for Cerberus is in fact a REAL dog and shes credited on the wiki

--, fr, impots 

ok en fait ces crétins hijackent le copier / coller et l'insertion de caractère, du coup ils remplaçaient la moitié de l'iban par des caractères utf invalides.

Quels génies.

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French Islamophobia, fascism, holy fucking shit 

What the fuck

"BBC News - France's Macron issues 'republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders.

• Children will be given an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER to help locate them.
• Imams must register.
• No political actions as Muslims."

--, fr, impots 

Merci les impôts, très intelligent.

Déjà que je dois poser mon deadname de merde partout, que je dois intrisèquement lier mon compte bancaire, si en plus vous êtes pas foutus de faire une validation correcte...

Tout ça pour payer une taxe de merde pour "soutenir" le tas de chiasse que vous passez comme télé nationale.

Si au moins cet argent était bien utilisé... Mais même pas, c'est de l'argent envoyé dans les poches des mafieux de l'info

"As Antitrust Pressure Mounts, Google to Pull Back Benefit to News Sites That Adopted Its Preferred MobileTechnology

Will the AMP format die as a result?"

Yes, please! 😃

Rant académie française & transphobie, aussi 

Répétez après moi: la développeuse.

C'est pas un gros mot.

It's International Men's Day!

Hello, fellow men!!

Things that are good about teh menz:

* Trans men
* Showing emotional vulnerability
* When we stand up for others with less gender privilege
* Being good role models for boys

Things that we need to work on:

* Toxic masculinity

All toughness all the time isn't sustainable!

XR Nantes propose à tous·tes de rejoindre des groupes d’actions décentralisées par quartier : extinction d'enseignes, affichage artistique, anti-pub, anti-amazon...
Renseigne ce formulaire avec ton quartier pour nous rejoindre !

Je viens encore de voir passer un message du genre "LR fils de pute". Je tiens que les putes sont des personnes travailleuses, souvent dans des positions très difficiles, et qu'elles ne méritent en aucun cas d’être rabaissées au niveau de certains politiques.

Linux daemon (n8n project) configuration.

The timezone is set by default to "America/New_York".

You know I have a tzinfo right?
That gives you the exact configuration you need.

guess I'm not setting up that wallabag instance anymore

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Aaaah, the passion of trying to set up a new daemon that is *completely* broken beyond repair in its own data model.

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