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Upgraded my windows PHP from PHP7.3 to PHP7.4 (latest).

I have such perfs drops it's outstanding... A POST request takes around 2s without payload.

So I've been working a bit on my blog CMS stuff.

Just added content warnings right into the article metadata, so there's a dedicated section to mark an article as such, with something really descriptive of the nature of the content!

achievement du jour: ne pas avoir grignoté les 14 fois où j'ai eu envie de le faire!

Still haven't got my CVEC I paid for yesterday... majored because I didn't go through their online platform.

Yeah fuck off maybe? Like, I tried for two fucking months to pay your shit online, and even your technical support constantly told me to shove off and handle your platform issues myself.

I don't mind paying the CVEC, but *MAYBE* make it fucking work instead of making us pay extra to go through other means because your shit is broken and your tech support incompetent. Fuckers

tired of people misusing "science" to make epic gotcha points. so, a rant 

first of all science is not a belief system
there's no bible, you do not take a list of things in a book and have faith that they are the truth. science is not about faith. science isn't even about truth!
science is about doing controlled experiments to develop models of natural processes
the key thing is that everything "science says" is backed by experimental results. science doesn't actually say anything. science doesn't require you to believe in the theory. just that the experiments were carried out as described.
even then, the theory is not objective truth. the theory is a _model_ that helps us predict something that happens based on the previous observations of stuff that happens. nothing in science can ever be proven "true". but that's kind of irrelevant because we don't ask that theories be "true" in the first place. we only ask that theories help us understand and predict the wacky stuff that happens around us. that's the point

tired of people misusing "science" to make epic gotcha points. so, a rant 

importantly, science is wrong. any theory can be disproven at any time by any contradictory experimental result (which kind of sucks if you think about it right! you might think science is the search for the "truth", but all we can tell you for sure is stuff that's not true. heck)

so the point is, if you observe or experience something, and someone tells you "but, science says that can't happen!" actually science can't say shit. maybe the bible says for certain what can't happen. maybe you believe it. maybe it happens anyway. ultimately the world around us does not care what our current model of it is. the world will do stuff as it pleases, and we simply have to update the models to account for it

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tired of people misusing "science" to make epic gotcha points. so, a rant 

ultimately observations are the foundation of science. science is strengthened by observations. the whole existence of science depends on observations. observations form science. not the other way around.
so stop using "science" to invalidate other people's observations. that's not how it works. you can't use "science" as a tool to push your shitty ideologies when you don't even know the first thing about science. or that it doesn't actually support anything you said

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sinon je suis toujours une petite queer PRECAIRE (cc le gouvernement qui veut pas augmenter le RSA ;) ), donc svp allez voir la boutique !

et si vous aimez le style mais que vous flashez pas sur quelque chose : je prends les commandes !

also my local pharmacy fucked up bad because the meds I was prescribed are dead since may, and they *never* warned me in any way.

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finally reached my med.

he should send me a new prescription by email this afternoon.

Fkin finally

Yeah also, I finally received this 250mL rotring drawing ink I wanted to try to see if the ink I already owned was shit or if their definition of "black" was a very watered down gray.

Result is the ink I already owned is completely watered down, and now I've got some kickass ink pens to replace my staedlers.

CVEC enfin payée. Par contre, l'endoctrino qui répond pas et la proge en rupture de stock nationale, bon. help, mr le médecin ?

eeeet CVEC toujours pas payée. Et leur support qui ne répond pas. Et le CROUS qui me dit de contacter leur support, et aucun recours possible.

Elle est belle, l'administration française

nsfw, chastity, IoT, no really 


subs: this device has a terrible bug!

doms: this device has a great feature!

Rappel : un paquet de sites posent un service worker qui tourne en arrière plan si vous faites pas gaffe, et ce même si la page est fermée.

Un tour sur about:serviceworkers permet de faire le ménage.

🔴 Rennes : Appel à manif contre les LGBTIphobies de LMPT 

copié/collé de la publication de Solidaire Étudiant-e-ds Rennes :

🔴 RDV à 14h à la place de la mairie ce samedi 10 octobre à Rennes contre le rassemblement de la manif pour tous !

📣 Faisons du bruit pour la PMA pour tou.te.s, pour la loi bioéthique, contre les LGBTIphobies et couvrons les voix des discours réactionnaires de la manif pour tous !

✅ Ce genre de rassemblement étant parfois sujet à débordement, nous serons vigilants et vous invitons à respecter les gestes barrières.

Lien Facebook de la contre manif :
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