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like, societal beauty standards are so unrealistic and have personally changed my perception of what a "woman" looks like that i genuinely do not know how much a "normal" amount of leg hair is for a cis woman

that's fucked up

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if someone is born without a hand or a leg, they give them a mechanism to compensate
if someone is born witout a pussy they get told they should be happy with what they have
if someone is born without some mental capacity that doesn't prevent learning language, they're mocked and told to be better at what they can't do

ok I used to love i3 and all that, but since I moved to bspwm, I've been having more and more struggle with the way i3 works and handles configuration and scripting and such.

Guess I'm gonna reinstall bspwm on my laptop to replace i3 then

So in case you didn't know there are a bunch of cool Plan 9-related projects on

Digital audio workstation

Music player

AV1 video player


Fennel port

Bunch of stuff from ~kvik

wiki coding, tech choices 

Sooo I've been trying to work on a *dead simple* wiki because most options require 38GBs of data, have tons of useless resources or look bad, and I'm just like

Do I go for PHP? Cuz on one side, it's absolutely *dead easy* to host a PHP website on a managed hosting, knowing they are *dirt cheap* for PHP, but on the other side, the dev. toolchain is a nightmare to manage...

On the other hand, django, so simple to dev with, but annoying to deploy...


Soooo I'm also doing a thing for LGBTQ folk in the UK, and wanting to set up a Queer Gaming Café basically, and having been turned down for a loan I need to CrowdFund it.

I try and live to be the person I needed when I was younger, now I'm trying to provide the place I needed when I was younger.

If you can donate anything to help, that would be amazing. If you can share the link, that's just as amazing.
Have Questions? I'll answer the best I can!

Call for submissions? Nah bro, call for submissives

public service announcement, culture et ses différences, consentement et care (6/6) 

La culture en soit c'est aussi quelque chose qui est inégal chez les gens, et pour tout un tas de raisons.

Faut faire attention à comment on communique dessus parce qu'on peut assez facilement contribuer à véhiculer des oppressions. Faut pas oublier qu'à la base surtout chez nous en france la culture c'est un truc de riches, d'aisé·e·s. Les pauvres, les, les ouvrier.e.s, sont moins cultivé.e.s.
Et c'est pas en mettant ce manque dans la face des gens que ça va les aider.

Au contraire.

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Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t internalized enough fear during my transition.

Are my risk assessments accurate, or are they still based on my experiences moving through the world back when I was seen as a cis white straight man?

What’s funny is that transition has made me so much happier, that people tell me I have a sunny disposition, positive energy, and that they feel recharged around me.

I feel like these two things are connected, and I would rather live this way anyway.

Saw a transphobic "meme" on my GW2 guild's shitposting channel, and it got taken down like 5min afterwards.

Cool mods I guess

Thinking about cyborg and synthetic character designs got me wondering how I'd feel about a synthetic body compared to a biological one.
Some character ideas fell out of that, so I spent a few hours sketching some of them.

Finally managed to have a server with a wireless card (fuck realtek drivers mess, had to blacklist the official one and install a custom DKMS module developed by someone).

Now I finally have a server with access to both my residential network and my private iot network, so I can finally build my little control interface!

it's kinda annoying how hard it is to setup and maintain a mastodon instance, with the hundreds of manual stuff you have to do...

I know it takes *a lot of time* to properly package all of it, and that there's lot of issues with the current state (redundant dependencies, messy links, and all that), but it's kinda annoying tbh.


If I was immortal and could chose a few people to go along with me
I'd bring loves and we'd fuck for the whole of eternity
Days upon nights
Months, years, decades, centuries

The universe would grow old
We'd still be fucking like the immortal sluts we'd be

rant, mobile net, bullshit login page, caps 

Banks. Telecoms. ISPs. Basically every service oriented towards the general public is filled with shit, because they can't be bothered to do any better.

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