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this job is so draining. Apple is a bullshit company that should just die at this point, nothing works, everything is broken, and it's getting seriously mentally tiring to work with those cunts' SDKs

I know twitter is pretty good at bullying people not having an account, but FFS.

If I could open *ONE* tweet without having the "something went wrong" shit it would be a dream. Always forced to clear cache/force-reload...

Ginger update, the two younger branches are growing at a very fast rate


Facebook attaque l'Europe en justice pour violation de la vie privée de ses employés. Si si !

Facebook estime que les investigations pour abus de position dominante sont trop intrusives.

Do anyone know a decently functional code review tool that would not rely on the repository hosting system (e.g. github pull request code review tool)?

Possibly a standalone / file-based tool.

bdsm book project 

also I think I'm gonna start using the tag for talking about it, since it received *a lot more traction* than I expected (thanks so much to everyone)

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bdsm book project 

So I came to a point with my content outline mindmap in which I think I'm satisfied with the overall content.

I submitted it to a few friends for content review, and lemme tell you, the image is MASSIVE.

Like, 30k pixels and 300MB massive

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