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@Hiraelle @shiro Dammit, instance lag.

J'ai pas votΓ© 4+ du tout non du coup :BlobCatBlush:

re: sondage sextoys tmi 

@Hiraelle @shiro je vois que pour l'instant, c'est 100% de 4+, y compris avec mon vote :blobcat:

I'm definitely wanting to natively support Gemini for browsing created recipes on my recipe manager, but that'll require some more thinking...

For now, let's work with making a good HTTP version, then we'll think about the compatibility layer.

Aaand I got stuck on a stupid HTML bug for more than 5 minutes.

Spot the error.

<form method="post sm:max-w-lg" class="">

Yup, that's a misplaced attribute value segment. Dammit

Today, I learned:

- how to properly manage PostgreSQL database migrations in case of major version upgrade;
- how to not see database migrations as an expensive set of SQL files, but instead as a database schema diff (applied with the awesome "migra" tool, which I'm gonna use everywhere)
- how to better manage timestamps in PostgreSQL

Today was a surprisingly good and wholesome day, including at work.


@shiro for now, flawless.
Both the "import existing settings" (when migrating from the old extension mode) and the "new profile" worked pretty well and clearly

d/s reads, help, recs welcome 

@sergeisilence Thanks, I'm gonna check them out

@absturztaube as I am... Not even for the memory consumption, but rather because this shit is, by default, filled with animations and smoothing which makes me sick, and cannot be disabled...

@absturztaube so I can develop some dumb small software with my limited GUI knowledge and still be welcome for my shitty knowledge that still kinda helps :blobcat:

(impostor's is horrible)

d/s reads, help, recs welcome 

@sergeisilence Hhm... negativity, I guess (stuff like mysoginy, and all the likes). Fetishizing / vulgarity too, I'm not fond of that at all.

@thilda "Bon, du coup, vous allez plus faire les courses" :blobcat:

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