@freyja_wildes I hope we'll do that, yeah :blobcat:

We connected so randomly I thought it was a prank at first >>


@freyja_wildes my first date with my Sir, coming all the way from Paris to spend a weekend with us, and experiment a lot ~

I've been a moderator on some small discord communities, so I recently took over a moderator position on a bigger (7.5k active members server) one.
Wow how fucking draining to keep in check so many dumbasses

Cursed lewd à caractère culinaire de niche 

@Anzeliane daddish of salmom?

Hey has anybody on here learned to sing on their own? Are there like, any good online singing lessons?

@eleos faut leur balancer un morceau d'écorce en leur demandant de parler anglais

Frustrated in EVERY goddamn sense of the word

Speaking of gender stereotypes, one part of the big issue with sex and gender in the medical field is that they're used as inaccurate proxies for gathering specific information. Like what genitals you have, what kinds of hormones are in your body, what predispositions you'll have, bodily processes, etc.

When I was working with medical professionals on our seizure diary, I explained to them repeatedly that they shouldn't only expose period tracking to people who identify as women.

Some men have periods! And some women don't! Just ask if they want to track their periods, dammit! If cis men get weirded out by it, too fucking bad, grow up!

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FF14 taunting me with the login page, making me think the maintenance ended early, then post login, "maintenance".



@changelin donc tout ça n'a pas été fait en vin ? :blobcat:

@eleos pourquoi ce serait mal d'être kékée quand c'est joli ? :blobcat:

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