I love how easy and fast it is to set up a very lightweight working alpine desktop setup.

Less than 5 minutes here! :blobcatsurprised:

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ff14, very light loot spoilers 

FF14 giving out a free fantasia phial lv50 end of msq.

I changed my catgirl into a dragon girl :blobmiou:

Managed to make a well-working search page for my gemini website! :blobcat:

And a java-based text/gemini implementation, as I'm more comfortable with Java than python.

Started re-working my personal website into a shape that'll grow more easily, as it was pretty unorganized.

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Trying for the first time to germinate those seeds.
Don't have any mesh so I'm using my french press for that, we'll see tomorrow :blobcat:

--, fr, impots 

Merci les impôts, très intelligent.

Déjà que je dois poser mon deadname de merde partout, que je dois intrisèquement lier mon compte bancaire, si en plus vous êtes pas foutus de faire une validation correcte...

Tout ça pour payer une taxe de merde pour "soutenir" le tas de chiasse que vous passez comme télé nationale.

Si au moins cet argent était bien utilisé... Mais même pas, c'est de l'argent envoyé dans les poches des mafieux de l'info

@neauoire just saw that the newsletter subscription field was broken on mobile (hard to click hitbox). Can also do a quick patch for you tomorrow if you want

Today's cooking was some fresh bread.

It's been a while since we last did any, so we tried multiple ways to make it.
We didn't notice the yeast was expired and pretty much useless, so the bread didn't really puff up but oh well...

The last batch with 45T flour and 2 tbsp olive oil turned out to be the most beautiful and tasty batch!

(Middle bottom and middle right are the last one)

Got it to connect to Internet via wifi just fine after first trouble with hardware blocking

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