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Date's still in a month but I couldn't help to take this small prep pic in anticipation

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With the lovely talk we had for the entire day, I got lots of inspiration to draft something crucial for the book, the part about SAFEWORDS! :ablobcatrave:

With the lovely fountain pen I received today, too!

Ginger update, the two younger branches are growing at a very fast rate

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So I came to a point with my content outline mindmap in which I think I'm satisfied with the overall content.

I submitted it to a few friends for content review, and lemme tell you, the image is MASSIVE.

Like, 30k pixels and 300MB massive

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I found this incredible artist today and fell in love with their art style.
My favourite piece is most definitely the one I uploaded along this link, a beautiful face, beautiful tatoos, beautiful clothes (and I want that collar so badly).

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Finally started to work on my life-long dream project: a serious and open book to educate and document about the BDSM world, because I was tired of the bullshit most content and cultures pushes forward.

Finally finished and clean!
I may need some way to protect the paint though

almost finished my drawing, I spent *way* too much time coloring my collar

Started modding my boring phone case. I guess you can see where it's going

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Finally received Sunstone chapter 4!

Had a huge basil plant producing waaaay too much basil, so my dumb ass decided to go "hey let's cut the three biggest branches and try to replant them".
Two months later I have another three huge plants...
And still not using any

Today's late night drawing session was about the mouth

My ginger plant is now officially as tall as me. Pretty neat for a low-care piece of ginger I found behind my fridge 4 months ago.

I've done a few eyes as exercise when I had some spare time today (mostly when running unit tests at work), so naturally I tried my hand at drawing a little something quickly to test the tablet. Works very well on linux!

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Aaand it works with krita, cool.
Now i need to figure out how their derpy script works for the pen to only work while it's running...

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2 days left before I receive more mines.

Will I make it?

I've been at those "draw an okayish 3D box with coherent perspective" exercises (250 box challenge from drawabox, at my 85th one) and was getting angry at myself for always fucking up one edge or some of my strokes.

Then I remembered.
I've literally been drawing for less than a month, and I cannot even draw during the work days, so only around 6 to 7h a work week.
I have all the time in the world to get better, and the first step towards being better is being bad.

Here goes another box then

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