I wonder if I should take this bookmark project as an opportunity to try to delve back into rust a bit...

I don't know how comfortable recursive filesystem manipulations are.

I guess I could try.


To be fair, the thing that currently sets me back against rust for any kind of possibly power-intensive task is the current async landscape.

Seeing other people encounter the same kind of mess I did... <fasterthanli.me/articles/pin-a>

@Arteneko Honest question: could you just use rust without using anything async?

@electrocutie I will do so at first, but some parts will be pretty heavy to run on a single thread, so I'd love to handle multithreading

@Arteneko I, too, am a heavy multithreader. No need to go async for threads, though

@Arteneko I've not been using Rust's async system for similar reasons, to be clear. I hit a bit of a wall with it as well. It seems like systems such as tokio want to take over the whole project and that isn't how I tend to do things

Yeah, this was my train of thought.

I wanted to use async to just throw coroutine chains onto the runner and just say "run that shit and give me the final results" without having to care about balancing and such.

But it's still something that will be far in the project, no need to care about it right now.

@Arteneko unless you're writing a network service I'd avoid async. It adds a lot of complexity and heavy dependencies to your project. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it also won't automatically parallelize a single coroutine chain.

@zethra yeah I guess.

In this case, it was multiple coroutine chains, expected number up to 30k at once.

@zethra It is :blobcat:

Anyways, I'm gonna have fun with discovering performance issues and try to come up with solutions for them.

Without that, I'll never learn :blobcat:

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