I was wondering if anyone had resources on amateur radios, including theory, hardware, regulations, and whatnot...

I feel like it would be a cool project to take on, and a good way to take a breath away from internet.

@Arteneko Our use of radios is very .. practical, not really theoretical. But I know there are a bunch of amateur radio fans on here in this thread who would be better to help you out.


@neauoire omg I did see this thread when it started, I didn't think it would've grown this much.

@Arteneko we have marine radio licenses and that covers some basic things, but it's very sailing centric. Let's ping @amatecha

@neauoire @Arteneko I can surely share some good intro links! just a very busy day - maybe I can share some stuff tomorrow. ^_^

@neauoire @Arteneko Regulations depend on what country you're in. There's a bunch of internationally-agreed-upon standardized frequency bands for amateur radio. Getting licensed differs for each country. This actually seems to give a nice summary of things en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_ You can get into just listening in on stuff with a $20-40 USB radio receiver ("SDR" or software-defined radio). That includes picking up image transmissions from ISS, or weather satellites. There's so much stuff!

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