I was wondering if there was any clean CSS libraries with a design as clean as

I tried to look into sourcehut's source code and there's a lot of scss (with bootstrap as submodule); taking it alone is pretty overwhelming..

(In other words, I'd love to see a sourcehut standalone css library)

@thumb Maybe.. The only annoying thing is that they're putting rounded design *everywhere*, which I find pretty annoying. Oh well.

@Arteneko I've not felt the need to use a css library since CSS3 was released. It does most everything I need out of the box. However, I don't do much front end web dev so I con see why one might want one.

@zethra to not have to redefine every single component and form and such.

I'd like a good looking default HTML-bound style, which I would just need to fine-tune for some specific things, not develop the entirety of it.

@Arteneko Someone should create such a thing... Maybe on top of something much smaller than Bootstrap so that @sir can then replace the CSS of sr.ht with it.

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