Yeah so uh if the turbocunts at Google could actually respect my "DONT FUCKING SHOVE ANIMATIONS IN MY FACE IT MAKES ME SICK DUMB CUNTS" settings, it would be pretty neat

Worst is that I'm forced to use their shit suite for work-related stuff, otherwise I wouldn't even approach it.

@cadence Yeah... That's why I usually keep discord in the browser. At least, I can script it there.

@Arteneko Try blocking JavaScript maybe? That really limits the amount of shit on websites for me

@Dom google stuff is the kind of website where javascript disabled just gives you a blank page, so not possible.

@Arteneko Tor seems to work - well, it works with YouTube and GMail.

@Dom its about their so-called "office suite".

Id have to tamper' the page to remove all animations but their code is so shitty Id be afraid to completely break the entire webapp...

@Arteneko Trial and error? Or you could try to find an Add-on thingy that disables animations if ya haven't done that already.

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