So Concepts is awesome but closed and not on linux.
Xournal++ is a very complex mess.

I tried forking Xournal++ and trying to remove / tweak the UI, as a starting point for making a "Concepts"-like but churned out of it pretty quickly.

So I took SDL2 with SDL_gfx and I'm now learning about splines, viewports, canvas, and basically 2d, to try to build a dead-simple, focused on note-taking editor.

Far from anything serious for now, I basically only have a one-pixel-wide black drawing pen with >

@Arteneko That sounds like a really good thing. I'm using Xournal meself, but the performance is abysmal even though my rig isn't slow.

@Dom I don't know how I'm gonna do performance-wise because I'm both shit at math and at 2d stuff, but eeeh x)

I'm trying to go the bspwm way with a very basic base window / drawing surface, and provide an IPC to tweak stuff, like change the currently selected tool, color, or save/"export".

Basically to allow me to build little tools and toolbars and such without burdening the UI, or even requiring a full software boot to do something like "convert to png".

Typically combined with rofi/status

@Dom (but it's gonna be FOSS anyways, so I'll always be happy to learn and accept help on performance and stab. improvements)

@Arteneko TBH, I only have basic knowledge about programming so I have understood almost nothing, but your knowledge impressed me anyway.
The only thing I could help you with would be giving ya more suggestions on what to implement.

@Dom Thanks, that'll come later on if I don't abandon the project before x)

@Arteneko Oh my, abandoning projects. That's kind of my specialty.

@Dom I have a TODOlist of around 200 abandoned projects :blobcatsurprised:

@Arteneko I guess my body count is lower in that regard, but BOI do I have lots of ideas that never come to life.

@Dom most of them are like "hey this would be super neat, instead of being bothered by this hell.."

Then 5min later, "I'm already tired of it"

@Arteneko I feel ya. I have like ten ideas right now, but I'd have to learn Arduino for at least half and they'd all require components which I'd have to order first, so the likelyhood of even starting them is pretty much zero.

@Dom lua is pretty cool and easy to get started with, you could check it out maybe

@Arteneko I'll try to, but I have some other projects that kind of have a deadline so I'll start there first.
But I have managed to get started with an Arduino project, so that'll motivate me to check it out in the near future.

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