in 2016 i got a computer from an uncle. for a while i used it for testing operating systems and stuff, but eventually it stopped booting, and in 2017 i put it on the attic. it's been sitting there...

until now.

it's an HP Compaq nx9000! i don't know the exact specs yet but it's got 512mb+256mb of RAM.

the problem of this computer was that it got stuck on the bios screen, clicked and wouldn't let me boot off USB. i think that the problem here is that it's trying to read from the hard drive, and that hard drive is dead, so it gets stuck. I'll test this by plugging it into another computer

here's an interesting oddity: the hard drive is placed under the battery!

this might also not be the hard drive; idk, i didn't take it out yet


@knuxify the good past times at which they wanted to build durable hardware, not unrepairable crap that'd die after two years... <3

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