I forgot how much I hate holiday gatherings

so much deadnaming and misgendering

reactionary idiocy + transphobia 

my state just prefiled their 5th(?) attempt to ban trans women from sports

i fucking hate it here

us pol 

Ted Cruz vs the entire cast of sesame street is the twitter feud I didn't know I needed but it's amazing

rittenhouse mention 

conservative twitter losing their shit over kyle saying he supports blm was not on my 2021 bingo card

i have absolutely zero doubt he's lying but it's still funny as shit

Netflix Bebop Discussion 

i think the only time i've ever seen a show drop the ball this hard and this fast was game of thrones.
The fact I am comparing the ending of this fucking series to game of thrones in terms of how unsatisfying it is and how badly it undermines what came before should say all that there is to be said
just watch the original series

addiction mention + dysphoria allusion 

so i may or may not have developed an addiction to genderswapped faceapps of myself
in my defense, i pretty gorl and this is literally the only time i've ever been able to look at a picture and sort of recognize myself

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