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Oh I guess a quasi toot, since that’s a thing here I think?

I’m migrating from Twitter. I rarely used it but Musk finally gave me a reason to jump ship.

Generally will post pictures of food, cute dogs, and the occasional selfie.

I’m found on other places (insta, tiktok, PlayStation Network) under this same handle too.

Girlfriends are great, 10/10 would recommend

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Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on fedi

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on birbsite

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes on Reddit

Do not announce your intent to commit crimes, full stop

My friend’s cat cuddled up in my lap while we played Jackbox

Her name is Toast and she’s royalty

My spouse and I went to a new coffee place and I got a latte that tasted like a chocolate orange

Per my girlfriend: my red flag is that I put an espresso shot into my orange juice

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selfie, no ec, boost if you're a meave enjoyer 

ready to go out in the summer weather :3

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girls want to lick the inside of your mouth as a friendly greeting. it's best to let them do this

HR messed up our paychecks last week and caused several people to overdraft. Walk in today to a bunch of signs for an employee appreciation day.

“Whoopsie, sorry for all the banking fees, will this pizza make up for it?”

I had my morning latte on five hours of sleep which means Willa is alert, unfocused, and tired all at the same time

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Monsterfucker porn? What about monsterhugger porn? Monsterlover. Maybe, me and the monster could get married...fall in love...slowly build a life together ...

dog, ec 

Mabel has been loving these Lambchop toys, but her cousin destroyed her favorite one so my spouse has to sew it back together without a head. It’s a little horrifying but she doesn’t care.

Okay, made jalapeño bagels, taco salad for lunches, did some laundry and dishes, did a little shopping

Willa needs a nap

I went to a pride event yesterday with my girlfriend :blobcathearts: It was the first time I’ve gone since I came out

selfie, ec 

I’ve never worn this mesh thing before but it feels cute and I think it works

So it’s definitely a raise. Corp decided to lump a bunch of people looking for raises into one group and now that’s just waiting on the president of HR and the CEO to sign off on. But before they can, the one spreadsheet database where this information was being held needs to be fixed since it was corrupted. So for the third time since the corp HR person took this on, it’s being pushed back a week.

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I meant femini.. uhhh..
unionize your workplace! yeah, that's it

Oh, finally an update on this. I have a meeting later this week with a corporate HR person and…people. I’m hoping it’s just by boss and her boss and not the facility manager that I’m terrified of. My boss is aware that “something” was approved but if they’ve been keeping me in the dark for a month and a half to only get a title change and no raise to go with it, I’m going to be pissed.

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