Whatch this if you think you hate maths, and especially if you don't but wonder why others do.

Trans people 🤝 Mentally ill people

People getting up in their business about their medical history

Ww2, family, - 

Had to listen to my father talk about his uncles that died fighting for the Nazis. "They were just boys." Of course, he doesn't blame the the Nazis who recruited them for their death machines, but communists who "murdered" them.

this might be bad to read actually 

(turns chair around and straddles it) You know, I've heard about kinning too, kids. I've spent a little bit of time on Tumblr, oh yeah. I wonder if you've heard about a kinnie from that big book we call the Holy Bible? Yep, we call him Jesus, and he kinned the Lord our God!

Dorian Electra so utterly fucks with my preconceptions of gender and I love it.

Ultrawide monitors would've been so great in the age of split screen multiplayer but no everything has to be online now to sell more copies of the game

you have to hate the united states in order to be able to join mastodon

British person: I'd inject tea directly into my vains if I could
Trans man: what a coincidence

Gargron where is that "I find your nudes aesthetically pleasing and appreciate their artistic aspect" button

Space Imperialism 

Good thing giant megacorps that own half the entertainment IP on planet Earth work hand in glove with the military-industrial complex, or they'd launch nukular lawsuits over 'Guardians'.

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I love all the politicians like "look I'm taking the vaccine, I'm doing this for you dumbasses to prove it works. This is a selfless act and not at all being an elite and being granted access to life saving medicine before all my idiot poor constituents"

i think that pokemon may have been the thing that broke the concept of growing out of your creativity; like, i still heard echoes of being Une Adulte requiring a joyless gray pallor over your life when i was small, but since have kinda stopped; fantasy and comics and stuff have stopped being a kiddy thing for a while now, but a lot of people still try to act like they are, and according to bogleech who was forming memories at the time, it was like suddenly the dams burst (cont)

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