So #introduction
Not comfortable to say my name, but I‘m a german faget that lives in Berlin, do things with law and stuff for a living, am a huge mess in general and usually quite a horny individual 😅

I like to talk about lots of stuff and always happy to have a (flirty) conversation. Really seeking the feeling of connection on this app.

I do talk sometimes a lot about sex. So yeah I‘m a bottom and a sub. Ask if you want to see my butt.

@Sitdownaj @cenlapup @kinkyboyspod @Buster There are several apps! I use the web interface on desktop, and Tusky for Android--there's also Toot for iOS.

And yeah, folks on this server are generally some flavor of queer leather, or at curious/adjacent to the community. But you can talk about pretty much anything you enjoy! The general vibe I'm going for is "laid back leather bar".

Looks like we're gonna have a lot of signups today, so I'm gonna start doing welcome messages over DMs to spare y'all's feeds.

Keep an eye out for new members and help them feel welcome! 💙🤍❤️🖤

every time a company with a diverse-suppliers initiative hires me and has a mandatory form field for uploading documentation of my company's LGBT-owned status:

Taught a class on continual consent last night for our local leather discussion group. Went really well--lots of good engagement from the audience, and we made it through all the demos without major hitches. Here's the outline if you'd like to read!

Good reminder that cultural continuity is maintained in part through watching and playing with people older and younger than you, and people from different regions & communities. My demo partner for this class (@omegaboy!) has taught me all kinds of things I never thought to ask.

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