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AKAHayling, Sexy Robot @AKAHayling

Hey, that reminds me, if you do a stream, reply to this with your stream so I can follow you. I try to stop in when I see people here go live, even if I don't feel confident chatting.

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@HTHR Already got you! Saw you punch that cyber-dog to death last night. :D

@AKAHayling I don't always feel confident broadcasting, but I sometimes stream gamedev and other game stuff at twitch.tv/arobots/

@mralex I love game development. I can't say I -understand- it much, but as a consumer of games I like seeing my sausage get made. :D

@AKAHayling twitch.tv/br34dsquad. It's a collective stream channel,

so a variety of folks are on it at different times-including myself.

@AKAHayling I try to do something every Friday night.

There might be cursing depending on the game.


@strikeromega Oh, I'm no stranger to cursing. Also I love the title you have up for Yakuza0 right now. XD

@AKAHayling haha. I was actually going to stream only one session of it but I'm taken enough with it I'm gonna roll with it for a bit

@strikeromega I've seen some of it on another stream, and it looks real cool, if not something I'd like to actually play.

@AKAHayling I haven't done in a while, but I occasionally speedrun at twitch.tv/lifning