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End is Nigh spoilers, sorta Show more

check out this little music video i made out of public domain footage from 2008


My finger slipped when I stopped streaming with OBS a couple days ago, so I've been locally recording a gif of Kenny Omega saying "Goodbye and Goodnight!" for the last 39 hours. Xp

Friday Adventure Games with Katie! What game do you want to see next? Here's a poll, please vote. -Katie


Last time on Tales of Monkey Island, Guybrush finally cured Elaine of the Pox, and dragged in the voodoo cloud that caused it using the re-invigorated Esponja Grande! But with the defeat of the Marquis came the return of an old enemy... And the end of Guybrush himself. Hold your tears, everyone. This is the final chapter. -Katie twitch.tv/squirrellilly

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Going live with more Saints Row: The Third on ! Master Magician Kristie plans on making the Deckers disappear!


Time for more Mystery Heroes!


and then later maybe some Capture the Flag, if we're feeling frisky :3

In debating what music I should use for tonight, I was reminded that the Siegfried and Roy cartoon existed.


No YOU'RE writing your congressman to demand better treatment for Morgan LeFlay >.>

I judge how good a day I'm having by how many times I want to Superkick someone.

I haven't wanted to Superkick anyone in a long while, so I guess my life's pretty ok. :)

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