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are happening again, so that's cool.

I'm Kristie! I'm , married (To Katie of @squirrellilly ) a streamer and enthusiast.

I scan paperwork at a mental hospital for money, and stream games monday nights for free!


I use many caps to show my exitement at a thing, please I need help Show more

Houston-3 from Vigilante 8 is a trans icon.

Talk of punching, awoos, commission Show more

I'm angry at dickheads coopting stuff Show more

I make a joke with a lewd word in it. Show more

I resized this gif to 69% of its original size

Slept like fuck so now i'm dealing with dumbrain and you have to too now. Show more

You, basic: Sylveon is trans.

Me, an intellectual: All Eeveelutions are trans, the evolution stones are a metaphor.

Thank you everyone who came into the stream! Gungeon was exactly as fun as I thought it was going to be, even if my Past remains Unkilled.

Going live with ENTER THE GUNGEON on twitch! I've assembled The Bullet, and am reasonably sure I can get to The Gun, so let's try and Kill Our Damn Past.


Special bonus stream for Dishonored 2 - Death of the Outsider over on


Going back to get the mercy ending for the DLC! Prepare for weird crystal creatures and sticky bombs galore! Also some feels or something, idk

I make a joke about nazis and DOOM, but it's honestly very close to my actual opinions. Show more

Nonbinary Bat is Sick of your BS, a silly joke I came up with while thinking of future beach trips.
(transparent because what are backgrounds even?)

Additional Genderless Insults You Can Use in Your Day-To-Day Life Show more

Hat jemand hier Erfahrungen mit #zabbix dieser Monitoringsoftware? Bin gerade auf der Suche nach einer und bin da eben drauf hingewiesen worden. Scheint soweit erstmal recht ordentlich zu sein...

Wenn jemand da Erfahrungberichte zum Besten geben kann wäre ich sehr dankbar!

gerne #boosten :D

Today I'm introducing a transbian teen to Rose of Versailes and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

And I feel like I am upholding a sworn duty, somehow.

twitch.tv/housebreaker my boyfriend started streaming, it's his first stream ever so he'd appreciate someone coming and saying hi <3 even if it's just for one second

It's gonna be Enter the Gungeon on stream tonight.There's a lot of reasons to like the AG&D expansion, but top of the list for me is that it added Displacer Beasts. Fucking LOVE Displacer Beasts.

To be fair, Show more