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An introduction, I'm not bothering with the hashtag because I feel like that's for actually new people Show more

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are happening again, so that's cool.

I'm Kristie! I'm , married (To Katie of @squirrellilly ) a streamer and enthusiast.

I scan paperwork at a mental hospital for money, and stream games monday nights for free!

Chromium trying to tell me this is a spelling mistake makes it look like it's blushing:

Plus side of my shitty morning. I've never seen a tire taken off a rim before. This is a pretty cool machine.

Creeping and crawling, the little green man continued his journey to the heart of the city, where he might find his goal.

Honestly the story is mostly in flashbacks so I'm having a hard time crafting narrative toots to go along with it. But it's very exciting.

Let's play Styx: Master of Shadows, shall we?


I need someone to tell me I shouldn't spend 35 dollars on Total Extreme Wrestling 2016.

Bonus helps if you know of a thing that's -like- TEW, but A) Is cheaper, and 2) Doesn't have a clusterfuck of a UI

Spooptober Special Stream - Oxenfree!

With Halloween around the corner, we’re starting a special spooky stream of Oxenfree tonight over on

Time for teen drama, misty island museums and creepy time puzzles - what’s not to love?

(cw: death, suicide, flashing lights)

Cheer up project for tonight - found a quick #crochet pattern for Halloween decorations, and it turns out they're pretty quick and fun to make! Meet Benni, they just want to hang out and make fiends ;)

Also, had a bit of fun with the wings, bats are goth af so it makes sense rant they'd have a corset stock up their back :)

#amigurumi #cute #bat

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Another genderless insult you can use when you're being disrespected Show more

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I already get the most support for what I do here on Masto, but if you're trans you probably saw the extremely bad news today

I don't have a Gofundme, but as most know I'm a trans woman living in the US, and while I'm gonna learn to code I don't know if this will get me what I need (a solid income)

In the meantime, if you wanna help me sell a few albums, here you go

Another genderless insult you can use at your neighbor Show more

- Hi everyone! I'm Noah. I'm a gay, witchy, Jewish academic-in-training who loves French literature & film and philosophy.

I'm currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Southern transplant while I get my Ph.D. I'm interested in the occult in 19th century poetry, film, necropolitics, and pre-modern sexuality.

I use the F-slur to refer to myself, but can make sure to tag that. I try not to do that too publicly, anyway.

I'm looking forward to joining the community here!

things gays like:


things gays dislike:

sitting normally

playing life is strange before the storm (if i feel like changing games later it'll be fusionfall) #gameing #live

About to start up doing more thumbnail art on Twitch! If you would like to have a chat and listen to some cool music while youwatch me struggle with pixel placement, please attend!

“People who sell meat are disgusting.”
“Well, people who sell fruit are grocer.”

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