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An introduction, I'm not bothering with the hashtag because I feel like that's for actually new people Show more

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are happening again, so that's cool.

I'm Kristie! I'm , married (To Katie of @squirrellilly ) a streamer and enthusiast.

I scan paperwork at a mental hospital for money, and stream games monday nights for free!

The B.iso show is going LIVE for the first time in far too long at !

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is continuing now! CW for body horror, nightmare fuel, and blood, no seriously.

Let's get to sucking.


Hello, and welcome to the debate. Tonight, we'll be asking an important question: who on the fediverse is the cutest? Folks, I have the answer: it's all of you. Thank you for coming, feel free to grab a complimentary lollipop on the way out

switching to extreme meatpunk forever also apparently it has a twitch game category now which is rad #gameing #live

Here's a six hour video of two men competitively mining out an entire chunk in Minecraft.

Very few interpersonal things make me more upset than asking a question and having the person across from me answer a different question.

Made a mastodon account. i have no idea how it works 🤔

The Trash Beetle Lives! Join me as we continue our latest build, the 20076 LEPIN Technician M*** Garbage Truck bootleg, and compare overall build quality with the official kit.


Positive meme, drug/mental health Show more

Just realized that a football field is measured in yards, and I think that's fucked up.

textual references to porn Show more

I've learned about honey possums? They're like bumblebee rats.

It is Friendsday Wednesday, and we are back at it again doing some community building on our Minecraft server! Come and hang out! It's a fun time!

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