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are happening again, so that's cool.

I'm Kristie! I'm , married (To Katie of @squirrellilly ) a streamer and enthusiast.

I scan paperwork at a mental hospital for money, and stream games monday nights for free!


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I need gifs of bears, elephants and bats, please and thank you.

Okay there really needs to be a way to pause at least the home timeline cause I'm tired of trying to read a longer type toot and it just scrolling away from me lol like

Okay bye

Gonna be playing more Passpartout tonight on stream. I've got a THING planned, so if you like weird art created from chat prompts, please attend. :)

It ends with you hopping down off the stage, red-faced and sweating, screaming "ORNITHORHYNCHUS ANATINUS!" in a front-row audience member's face.

"Surrey With the Fringe on Top" from "Oklahoma", only you start "Chicks and ducks and geese" and then just name birds for three minutes, slowly becoming more specific in naming and agressive in tone.

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Anthony Hopkins: Welcome to Westworld where you can do or be anything you want.
Me: I want to be the horse
Anthony Hopkins: No
Me: I knew I should've gone to Horseworld instead.

I have been sitting at my desk counting forms going "WAAAH! WALUIGI! WAAAEEEHHHHH" for like, 3 minutes, this is not professional behavior.

courage the cowardly dog's series goal was to show as much fucked up shit as possible before adult swim came on

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I'm a pronoun
They're a pronoun
He's a pronoun
She's a pronoun
Wouldn't you like to be a pronoun too?

Noi from #dorohedoro #ドロヘドロ (She can crush you with her bare hands 👀💦)

The name's West. Hard West. Let's see how far a man can be pushed before he snaps. Hard West in just a few moments, please join us. -Zu

Late Sunday stream, going live with more Overwatch Arcade


Trying to knock out the Retribution achievements and maybe try out 6v6 comp? Much mayhem either way, come watch!