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image descriptions arent just for people with visual disabilities

theyre also for people like me, who have shitty garbage wifi

i want to enjoy your memes

I hate games that have first-person animations for healing items that are injections of anything because like... you have to watch your character stab themself in exactly the same part of the arm over and over and like... is this really helping pal? is it????

actively working to decapitalize the g in god despite autocorrect's insistence

When aliens landed
We said: "Save us"
And: "You are fake"
And: "We are busy"
And: "Leave us alone"
And: "Die"

The aliens listened
And said: "No"
And did nothing
Except watch us

And our anger
Did nothing
Our shame, our fear, our hate
To them

How alien they are, aliens

I do not have a healthy relationship with social media. I am way too easily absorbed in things that make me angry.

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Pokemon Blood, Pokemon Phlegm, Pokemon Bile Black, Pokemon Bile Yellow

me: hello, i would like product
store: that will be money
me: what the

Huh. The latest IRL episode is about Mastodon (partially). I've just started it, so I can't give a review yet, but it's a good podcast in general.

I am Way Too Busy right now.
But I'm still happy. Like, I'm not overwhelmed and drowning in stress. I got up (much earlier than I would have liked) this morning and I was just pleased to be awake and excited for my day.


Every time I learn a new programming language I think, "This is the one. Finally, everything will slot into place on the first try and I won't spend all my time searching error messages."

And then it's always worse than everything else I have ever touched.

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