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Just repeating it for the back row: public bathrooms with security codes on the locks are discriminatory

No, mum. You can't just "pause" mastodon. If I log off they're going to either start attacking each other like feral animals or make a new meme that isn't funny. This is very important.

"The Rains of Castamere" fits to the tune of "Jingle Bells" you're welcome.

A thing that I want:

Every instance has a built-in ambassador account. Its username is always @ambassador so it's really easy to find another instance's ambassador.

It's a bot that, once an hour, boosts the most-liked post (singular) from the instance that was posted in the last 3 hours (without repeats, and only first posts in threads). If nothing posted, no boost.

It could be a nice compromise for people who want to follow the local timelines of other instances maybe?


The results of this election are going to be very interesting, although whether they will bring much good for the country I don't know.

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When u pull out your 12th century Viking chess set to impress your adversary and they still Scholar's Mate u in ten seconds flat

If present me met 14 year old me we'd probably both be shocked at each other

image descriptions arent just for people with visual disabilities

theyre also for people like me, who have shitty garbage wifi

i want to enjoy your memes

I hate games that have first-person animations for healing items that are injections of anything because like... you have to watch your character stab themself in exactly the same part of the arm over and over and like... is this really helping pal? is it????

actively working to decapitalize the g in god despite autocorrect's insistence

When aliens landed
We said: "Save us"
And: "You are fake"
And: "We are busy"
And: "Leave us alone"
And: "Die"

The aliens listened
And said: "No"
And did nothing
Except watch us

And our anger
Did nothing
Our shame, our fear, our hate
To them

How alien they are, aliens

I do not have a healthy relationship with social media. I am way too easily absorbed in things that make me angry.

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