when my words weren't working yesterday i made myself a little title page in the magic notebook

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@0lvr I traced the different lines to see how they went around and you have created an incredibly complicated pattern!

@Ethancdavenport it's a trick of geometry, i don't even know where the lines go! you construct it on a grid. usually i'd color it all strand by strand at the end to reveal that pattern but this paper can't handle it. maybe i'll color digitally over the photo just for fun 🤔

@0lvr I used iPhone markup haha. I bought some books on how to draw knotwork but haven’t dug into them much. It really twists my brain around, and when I consider that ancestors were carving this type of stuff into rocks hundreds or thousands of years ago I just flip out.

@Ethancdavenport i think they also must have known the trick to it?? i don't remember where i originally learned it from, but it's basically this technique:

it all changes depending on the size and shape of your grid, and where you place "interruptions" - like the crosses in my drawing

@0lvr that was a very informative (and relaxing!) video. Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna try this technique out sometime.

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